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Working At Heights

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Working At Heights in the Live Production Industry in BC Guide

This guide will help those that work in the performing arts understand the WorkSafeBC requirements and industry safe work practices for working at heights. Shape Working at heights in the live production industry in BC Guide PDF

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Working At Heights Performing Arts Safety Primer

This primer is for employers, performers, and technicians in British Columbia’s live performance industry. It describes health and safety requirements and safe work practices for working at heights. You may find the information in this primer useful if you are involved with: An established performing arts organization, such as a dance or theatre company An organization that produces […]

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Who Should I Talk To?

WHO SHOULD I TALK TO? When you need information to help prevent injuries… Actsafe is an education, training, and information resource for you to use to plan your productions in a safe manner. Where can I learn about propane safety? How do you handle Bullying and Harassment in the workplace? Need to know about working […]

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#8 Traditional Camera Cars Motion Picture Safety Bulletin

A Traditional Camera Car (“camera car”) includes any self-propelled vehicle specifically engineered for the mounting and manning of cameras and other equipment for the primary purpose of filming from a stationary or moving vehicle. Excluded from these guidelines are specialty tracking vehicles, including but not limited to, motorized process vehicles, and powered camera vehicles (such […]

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