November 2011 Newsletter


  • Give and take led to birth of B.C.’s health and safety system
  • Workers’ rights and responsibilities
  • Industry resources available from Actsafe and WorkSafeBC
  • I’ve been injured at work; what happens now?
  • What is Actsafe?
  • Clearance letters
  • Courses and Certifications

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Actsafe Launches Young and New Worker Orientation Videos

WorkSafeBC requires employers to provide all young and new workers with an orientation at each worksite. In Film and Performing Arts, locations change frequently, so Actsafe has produced a set of three videos to help supervisors better understand the content and requirements of the orientation.

The first video provides an overview, and it’s just under 8 minutes long. Watch it to learn more about the requirements, content and overall responsibility for the Young and New Worker Orientation.

Just shy of two minutes long, the second video describes employer and supervisor rights and responsibilities.

Part three of our video series is a 1.5 minute review of a worker’s right to refuse unsafe work.

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Motion Picture Safety for Supervisors

This workshop is designed to provide all motion picture industry supervisors with a fundamental understanding of current WorkSafeBC regulations and their safety obligations. Filled with group activities and relevant discussion, Safety for Supervisors provides supervisors with the knowledge base to supervise their staff in a safe and effective manner.  Topics include:

  • responsibilities of a supervisor
  • risk assessments and hazard identification
  • responding to workers concerns and work refusals
  • incident reporting and investigations
  • correcting unwanted behaviour
  • due diligence
  • how to conduct safety meetings and toolbox talks

Instructor: Actsafe

Workshop length: 4.5-hours

For available dates, times and to register, click here.

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