Pain is Optional – for Carpenters

Pain is Optional - for Carpenters
Pain is Optional – for Carpenters


An educational guide to preventing Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) for carpenters. Presented in a comic book style, the goal of this resource is to help workers recognize and prevent the symptoms of MSI.

Read this comic book online

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Harness the Knowledge: Actsafe produces new video for stunt performers

If you’re a stunt performer, you already know your body has to be in top physical condition to do your job. But there’s another tool that’s just as important, and to put on a top performance, it’s got to work safely every time.

That tool is your harness.

Working in conjunction with respected industry experts Lori Stewart, J.J. Makaro and Lucas Waidmann, Actsafe has produced a video to show you what you need to know to keep your harness working as hard as you do. This 5-minute video is chock full of tips on how to check for damage and track the operational history of your harness using the free stunt harness logbook.

You spend hours taking care of your body. Knowing how to spot the signs of wear and tear on your harness might be the most important five minutes of your career.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more.

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July/August 2011 Newsletter


  • Industry Unifies Approach to Lift Truck and Aerial Lift Training
  • Last Call for Free Live Performance Electrical Certification
  • Careful in the Woods! Poisonous Plant Spreading Rapidly Due to Cool Spring
  • Stunt Harness Inspection Project to Launch this Summer
  • Register Early for BCIT’s LE/FE Course
  • Four Summer Health Woes
  • Actsafe Courses and Certifications
  • Actsafe Settles in to New Building

Download PDF  | View Online Version

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Industry acts quickly to certify live performance electrical workers

March 3, 2011

Less than a month after Actsafe launched its new Live Performance Electrical Certificate (LPEC), the organization is getting strong signals that the program will be a success.

“Our goal is for 100% of our eligible techs to hold this certification,” stated Matt Lees, Personnel Director for Riggit Services Inc. “It’s the first step in people understanding the concept of power and shows one’s skill set with regard to an understanding of technology and theory. The certification not only provides the knowledge to ensure safety, but also legitimizes the work.”

The BC Safety Standards Act requires certification of electrical and audio-visual technicians working in theatres, concert halls and other live performance venues.

But until February 1 this year, only the Full Entertainment (FE) and Limited Entertainment (LE) certifications were available. Though the FE and the LE are required for work in film and television, both credentials exceeded the level of expertise needed in the live performance industry.
Industry raised the issue of a certification gap, and in response Actsafe worked with electrical professionals in the areas of live events, concert tours and theatre to develop an online test for the LPEC certification.

Nik von Schulman, Director of Production with Patrick Roberge Productions, is one of five industry specialists who helped develop the test. He confirms that safety and liability were important concerns in the industry.

“When you are tying in to feeder cables with high amperage, people can be injured,” says von Schulman. He credits the live entertainment industry for being “proactive in this area of health and safety.”

Broad implementation of the LPEC is also great news from a community relations perspective: audiences attending a theatre or a special event like a fashion show expect those involved to understand how to do the work safely and prevent accidents.

Dustin Burns, an entertainment industry technician, has taken the test, found the study guide expanded his knowledge of power, and was easy to digest. “Safety being paramount, I really respect the fact that an association like Actsafe can put together a program, for free mind you, to create a baseline skill-set for working around electricity that is potentially fatal,” stated Burns.

Of those who have taken the test, 93% passed on their first attempt. The certification has no expiry or requirement for renewal.

Until July 31, the test is free; Actsafe will charge a $50 fee as of August 1.

Learn more or apply for the certification.

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Planting a seed for a safer future

A Conversation that MattersA forum held February 5 in Vancouver brought together 45 leaders in the Motion Picture industry to discuss how to build a stronger culture of safety. Billed A Conversation that Matters, department heads, producers, supervisors and production mangers from across the industry identified several themes over the course of the day using a Word Cafe format.

Actsafe brought in Graphic Recording Artist Avril Orloff to produce an illustration (see above) of the event.

Browse through our gallery to see photos of the event. We are compiling the feedback and will report out the results through our membership and newsletter. And if you have an idea, insight, story idea or comment you’d like to share, please send us an e-mail.

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General Forms

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Safety Guidelines
PDF file | 135k | Fillable online | Download Now

Emergency Contacts Sheet
PDF file | 162k | Download Now

Employer’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease (Form 7)
PDF file | 295k | Download Now

Equipment Safety Inspection Checklist/Log
PDF file | 112k | Download Now

Extended coverage application form
PDF file | 61k | Fillable online | Download Now

Fall Protection Plan
PDF file | 25k | Download Now

Film Fire/Life Safety Inspection List
PDF file | 373k | Fillable online | Download Now

First Aid Assessment for Film/TV
Worksheet and Guideline
PDF file | 178k | Fillable online | Download Now

First Aid Assessment for Live Performance
Worksheet and Guideline
PDF file | 183k | Fillable 0nline | Download Now

First Aid Record
PDF file | 219k | Download Now

Hazard Report Form
PDF file | 124k | Fillable online | Download Now

Incident Investigation Report
WorkSafeBC Link | Reporting Incidents to WorkSafeBC

Location & Production Office Hazard Checklist
PDF file | 338k | Fillable online | Download Now

Notice of Project
WorkSafeBC Link | Visit WorkSafeBC Notice Of Project Page

Special Effects Safety Inspection Checklist
PDF file | 179k | Fillable online | Download Now

Stunt Safety Inspection Checklist
PDF file | 222k | Fillable online | Download Now

Warehouse/Construction/ Temporary Stage Space Inspection Checklist
PDF file | 230k | Fillable online | Download Now

Working Alone or in Isolation Check-In Form
PDF file | 188k | Fillable online | Download Now

Young and New Worker Orientation
PDF file | 2.5mb | Fillable online | Download Now

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Motion Picture Safety for Supervisors

This workshop is designed to provide all motion picture industry supervisors with a fundamental understanding of current WorkSafeBC regulations and their safety obligations. Filled with group activities and relevant discussion, Safety for Supervisors provides supervisors with the knowledge base to supervise their staff in a safe and effective manner.  Topics include:

  • responsibilities of a supervisor
  • risk assessments and hazard identification
  • responding to workers concerns and work refusals
  • incident reporting and investigations
  • correcting unwanted behaviour
  • due diligence
  • how to conduct safety meetings and toolbox talks

Instructor: Actsafe

Workshop length: 4.5-hours

For available dates, times and to register, click here.

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