Vehicle Safety

Wheel Chock Info Sheet

Actsafe’s Wheel Chock Info Sheet will explain the best practices regarding the selection and use of wheel chocks to assist in securing parked vehicles from unexpected movement.


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HAZARD ALERT – Truck Transmissions with no designated “Park” position

Incidents involving runaway vehicles have resulted in a worker fatality and other serious “near misses”.  A common factor in these incidents can be traced back to the type of transmission used in some trucks.  Please read our Hazard Alert for more information on the type of transmission that requires additional care, as well as suggestions on ways to ensure trucks are secured against rolling or moving unexpectedly.

Transmission Brake Alert









Hazard Alert – Transmission Brake System

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Motion Picture Safety Primer – Equipment, Vehicles and Locations

This primer covers health and safety requirements and guidelines for cranes, elevated work platforms, mobile equipment, and insert-camera cars. It also covers traffic control for locations where vehicle traffic may be a concern. Other specific locations that are discussed include buildings, city streets, wilderness locations and water locations.

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