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Working at Heights

Working At Heights: Performing Arts Safety Primer

This primer is for employers, performers, and technicians in British Columbia’s live performance industry. It describes health and safety requirements and safe work practices for working at heights.

You may find the information in this primer useful if you are involved with:

• An established performing arts organization, such as a dance or theatre company
• An organization that produces concerts, cooperative shows, or corporate or special events (including festivals)
• A volunteer or educational organization

Aim of this primer

• Help employers comply with their legal responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to protect workers from falls
• Provide information about fall protection issues so cast and crew members can work safely

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Performing Arts Safety Primer

Actsafe created the Performing Arts Safety Primer — a pocket sized booklet that contains concise and relevant information and guidelines that relate to issues that all artists, managers, and crafts people may encounter.

The Safety Primer was developed through the suggestion of Performing Arts standing committee who felt that there was a need for relevant and local reference material. The booklet answers basic health and safety questions that may come up in day to day production and rehearsal. There is further reference to Actsafe’s safety bulletins within the Safety Primer as additional resources.

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Motion Picture Safety Primer – Production

This primer describes safety guidelines and requirements for the various departments and specialized activities that may occur during a production. Topics covered include construction; painting; ladders; scaffolds; fall protection equipment; lighting and electrical safety; pyrotechnics; smoke and fog; firearms; underwater diving and more.

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An Introduction to Personal Fall Protection Equipment

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires workers to use a fall protection system where they could fall at least 3m (10ft) or where a fall from a lesser height may result in serious injury.

This booklet is an introduction to the proper use of personal fall protection equipment.

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