Motion Picture Safety Primer – Production

This primer describes safety guidelines and requirements for the various departments and specialized activities that may occur during a production. Topics covered include construction; painting; ladders; scaffolds; fall protection equipment; lighting and electrical safety; pyrotechnics; smoke and fog; firearms; underwater diving and more.

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WHMIS at Work

WHMIS at Work explains the basics of WHMIS and answers some commonly asked questions about WHMIS.

Contents include:

  • Part 1 describes the three main elements of WHMIS (labels, Material Safety Data Sheets, and education and training); the WHMIS classification system; and the responsibilities of suppliers, employers, and workers.
  • Part 2 explains the requirements for WHMIS labels.
  • Part 3 describes Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), including the information required on an MSDS and the responsibilities of suppliers and employers.
  • Part 4 describes WHMIS education and training requirements and the implementation of education and training programs.
  • Part 5 includes tables outlining information on WHMIS labels and MSDSs and provides checklists for implementing WHMIS and education and training programs.
  • Part 6 includes a list of resources for more WHMIS information.

After reading this booklet, employers and workers should be able to understand how WHMIS information can help workers to work safely with and near hazardous materials.

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