Hierarchy of Controls

The Hierarchy of Controls provides a systematic approach to manage workplace safety by providing a structure to select the most effective control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of certain hazards.

Actsafe’s new infographic on the Hierarchy of Controls will explain how the system works.


Hierarchy of Controls graphic

Actsafe’s Online First Aid Assessment Tool

Introducing Actsafe’s Web-based First-Aid Assessment Tool.

Now it’s easier than ever to perform an assessment of your work location to determine what equipment, facilities and manpower you need to help ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC’s regulations.


Have a quick read of the pdf below for more information, or visit to start using the assessment tool.


Actsafe’s First Aid Assessment Tool

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Firearms safety flowchart

Using firearms in your next production?  Know when you need to have a Business Firearms License with this easy to read flowchart.


Firearms Flowchart w:hyperlinks

15 Passenger Van Safety

This infosheet outlines how to safely and efficiently transport people and equipment in 15 passenger vans while remaining in compliance with the law. Alternatives to 15 passenger vans are also discussed.

Download PDF

Due Diligence

This pamphlet is mainly for employers and supervisors who must ensure that their OHS programs meet a standard acceptable to WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C.). It also explains that demonstrating due diligence in implementing OHS programs can be a defence to a monetary penalty or prosecution when WorkSafeBC requirements have allegedly been violated.

Download PDF

* Video companion available

Effective Safety and Health Programs

WCB British Columbia -PH33

This guide contains important information for employers, supervisors, and workers who must ensure that their occupational health and safety programs meet WCB standards. Using a question-and-answer format, this guide defines due diligence; describes how the WCB applies due diligence; explains how the WCB assesses compliance with the Regulation; identifies the elements of an occupational health and safety program; and explains how occupational health and safety programs help establish due diligence.

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First Aid Assessment for Film/TV

Who does the assessment?

  • Construction Coordinator for shop areas and set construction (carpenter shops ‘M’hazard).
  • Location Manager provides information such as travel time and location to nearest hospital and any possible hazards at each location.
  • Stunt Coordinator must assess possible hazards and injuries in regards to stunts. Limit the number of workers to just those required being present or participating in the stunt.
  • SPFX Coordinator must assess possible hazards and injuries in regards to spfx. Limit the number of workers to just those required to be present or affected by the spfx.
  • Production Coordinator completes production office needs assessment; gathers the information from all the others, and establishes the requirements for 1st Aid, presents it to PM. NOTE: if production office is a separate location and involves only office work,hazard classification is ‘L’.
  • 1st A.D. gives an orientation safety talk (emergency procedures) at each new location, and posts written First Aid Procedures at each location.
  • Production Manager reviews the assessments for approval.

A copy of the assessment for each location should be kept at the production office to be made available if required.

An assessment form is included with this package.

Download the form

First Aid Assessment for Performing Arts

Includes First Aid assessment forms and instructions on who should fill them out and how.

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How to Establish and Communicate an Effective First Aid Program

This guide has been developed by Actsafe to assist in filling out the First Aid Worksheet required for each location.

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Out of Province Injuries

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Personal Option Protection (POP) for Performers Bulletin

POP is the WorkSafeBC’s Personal Option Protection insurance plan. This bulletin was created by Actsafe to help you understand if you may be eligible for coverage.

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Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Application for Personal Option Protection

This link takes you to a PDF of the WCB application form for POP.

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Workplace Emergency Preparedness

This four page quickstudy, developed and published by Actsafe, includes information on how to develop an emergency plan – including general procedures as well as strategies for specific emergencies (such as fires, earthquakes and floods).

The infosheet also includes a checklist for both office and personal emergency kits.

Download PDF