15 Passenger Van Safety

This infosheet outlines how to safely and efficiently transport people and equipment in 15 passenger vans while remaining in compliance with the law. Alternatives to 15 passenger vans are also discussed.

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Assessment of Ice Melt Products

Representatives of BC’s Film & Television Industry approached Actsafe in 2007 over concerns regarding ice melt products being used to assist in clearing walkways. These products tended to increase the conductivity of electricity, and electricians working on film sites were receiving electrical shocks. Research on ice melt products was requested.

Actsafe approached UBC’s School of Environmental Health to conduct research on this issue. This document includes their comments and recommendations.

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Guidelines For Temporary LP-Gas Installations at Public Events

BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs Gas Safety Program Bulletin

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Working Alone: A Quick Study Guide

This information sheet describes the responsibilities of employers and workers and includes risk assessment and communication strategy checklists.

Available for download from our Library page, or stop by to pick up a hardcopy from our offices.

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