Motion Picture Safety Primer – Equipment, Vehicles and Locations

This primer covers health and safety requirements and guidelines for cranes, elevated work platforms, mobile equipment, and insert-camera cars. It also covers traffic control for locations where vehicle traffic may be a concern. Other specific locations that are discussed include buildings, city streets, wilderness locations and water locations.

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How to Conduct a Field Flame Test

In response to a request from within the performing arts industry, Actsafe has just produced and launched a new video on how to conduct a field flame test to determine if a material is properly flame retarded.

The video discusses what to look for to see if a material is already properly flame retarded; when to test materials; where to look for information and, of course, how to conduct a field flame test.

Please note: A field flame test should only be conducted when a material’s flame retardant documentation is not available. It is a last resort to check for flame retardation. When testing, only a sample of the material should be tested.

Actsafe would like to thank Erin Neely of Hollynorth Production Supplies for her participation in the making of this video.

Asbestos (Safe Work Practices For Handling)

Asbestos is a fibrous material used in many products because it adds strength, heat-resistance, and chemical-resistance. Despite its many uses, asbestos is a hazardous material. If employers and workers do not take proper precautions for work around asbestos, workers may develop serious chronic health problems. To prevent these health problems, the WCB has developed requirements detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

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Preventing Heat Stress at Work

Many jobs require working in hot environments, both outdoors and indoors. Working in the heat and doing heavy physical work can affect the body’s cooling system. If the body is unable to cool itself, a worker can experience heat stress. If heat stress is not recognized and treated in the early stages, more serious and even fatal conditions may quickly develop.

This booklet provides a basica overview of risk factors that increase the chances of suffering from heat stress, how to recognize and treat heat stress, and how to prevent heat stress. If you work in a hot environment, this booklet contains information essential to your health and safety.

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Filming in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Information on guidelines for filming in the Downtown Eastside with as little detriment to the residents and film production. Includes contact information for local resident associations.

Currently being updated. Please contact Marty Clausen at 604.733.4682 for more information.

Working Safely Around Electricity

This booklet explains the dangers of working around and on energized low-voltage equipment and near high-voltage conductors. It is writeen for supervisors and workers who work around and with electrical equipment and near power lines as part of their job and who are familiar with the basic hazards of electrical contact.

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