Who Should I Talk to?

Reporting a hazard?  Looking for information?  Who should you call?

Finding out who to talk to about health and safety in the motion picture and performing arts industries in B.C. can get complicated.  That’s why we’ve come up with this little infographic to explain who to call, and when.

Who should I call image






Sample Safe Development Process

The question “how can we do this safely?” should set the stage for concept development, pre-production, construction, rehearsal and performance. Consideration of health and safety should begin as early as possible in the planning of the production and should continue throughout the production process.

This Sample Safe Development Process document gives an overview of risk assessment in action, using a fictitious production of Macbeth as an example.

This document is intended to be used in conjunction with the General Risk Assessment Checklist.

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Registration of Non-BC Performers and Groups

There has long been confusion among BC festival societies, concert promoters, night club owners and other engagers in the performing arts and live entertainment sector as to their obligations under the BC Workers Compensation Act when engaging non-resident performers.

This bulletin focuses on group situations, such as dance troupes, orchestras and bands, and applies specifically to those touring groups comprised exclusively of non-BC residents and not employing any BC residents (“Non-BC Group”).

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Young and New Workers Orientation

Effective July 26, 2007, all employers must ensure that a young or new worker is given health and safety orientation and training specific to his/her workplace before the young or new worker begins work.

To help employers in the film and performing arts industry come into compliance with the new WorkSafe BC regulations (sect, 3.22-3.25), Actsafe has created this 4 page infosheet. The infosheet includes a brief overview of what the regulation is and how it pertains to the motion picture and performing arts industries. It summarizes each new section and provides tips for effective orientation and training.

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