Ergonomics Commentary 1 – Back Belts

WCB British Columbia -ERG

This pamphlet provides information about the lack of evidence regarding effectiveness of back belts in the workplace. It provides alternatives for avoiding back injuries, and discourages the use of back belts as a protective measure.

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Guide to Preventing Lower Back Pain

Poster created by Actsafe to help workers prevent lower back pain.

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Musicians and MSI Safety Primer

A Musculoskeletal injury (MSI) is any injury or disorder of the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, or related soft tissues. This includes a strain, sprain, or inflammation that is caused or aggravated by activity.

Musicians (including vocalists) are prone to MSI that is caused or aggravated by practice, rehearsal, or performance. Playing a musical instrument may be second only to computer use in terms of population exposure to MSI. Some studies have shown that approximately half of professional musicians and music students experience significant MSI symptoms.

There are many things you can do to help prevent and treat MSI. An MSI can be painful and can interfere with both your professional and personal life, so it’s important to use prevention strategies. If you already have an MSI, there are treatment options that will help you stop the injury from getting worse and speed up the healing process.

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