Actsafe Membership

Actsafe Membership is open to professional, trade or industry groups, unions, associations or corporations engaged in the following classifications:

  1. performing arts
  2. live performance venue
  3. organizing or conducting live performance special events, and
  4. motion picture, television or commercial production.

Membership is also open to individuals in the motion picture and/or performing arts industries who are not represented by a member professional, trade or industry group, union, association or corporation.

For further information about Actsafe membership, please refer to Section 2 through 4 of our bylaws:

Membership benefits include:

  1. Access to MSDS Fetch, an online database of MSDS information for thousands of products, including those commonly used in film and performing arts. Access is by request.
  2. Actsafe Membership card (by request).
  3. An invitation to and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Memberships must be renewed each calendar year.

If you have further questions about Actsafe Membership, please contact us at or 604.733.4682.